Terrazzo Polishing Sydney

As a proud home-owner, maintaining a clean and well-polished terrazzo floor is one of your prime concerns. Terrazzo floors look great when freshly done but over the years, the colours tend to lose their lustre and embedded dust makes the entire floor look shabby and dirty.

If you are facing a similar situation, give us call at Sydney Tile & Stone Care for through polishing and restoration of your terrazzo floor. After all, when it comes to your precious floors, you should only hire the best terrazzo polishing service in Sydney.

The Art and Science of Terrazzo Floor Maintenance

Terrazzo flooring is done by installing tiles that have chips of multi-hued marble stones and other natural stones that are embedded in a cement base. Developed as a low-cost construction art in Venice, terrazzo flooring has gained worldwide acceptance because of its beauty, polish, finish and durability.

When maintained correctly, your terrazzo floors will last for years which is why it is important to contact professional terrazzo polishing services when you want to clean your tiles.

 Sydney Tile & Stone Care Terrazzo Polishing SydneyThe Correct Way of Maintaining Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

Terrazzo flooring is highly porous and easily attracts dirt and grime. And when not sealed correctly, it becomes sensitive to chemicals and other liquids. In fact, using a wrong cleaning solution can cause permanent damage to your beautiful terrazzo surface floors, leaving ugly patches and causing discoloration.

It is advisable to clean your terrazzo tiles with a mild solution of a pH-neutral cleaning chemical and water. Avoid mops with the abrasive surface as it can leave ugly scratches all over the floor.

Hire Professional Terrazzo Polishing Service in Sydney

Hiring professionals for the job is the best way of making your terrazzo floors shine like new again. They have experts who use all the right materials and follow the correct process. Appointing professional terrazzo floor polishing service in Sydney saves your time and money while giving you complete satisfaction of a job well done.

If you are looking for a terrazzo restoration and polishing experts, Sydney Tile & Stone Care has years of experience in stone and tile cleaning Sydney services. Give us a call today for more about our terrazzo polishing Sydney services. Call 0400 161 122.