Products Used

Sydney Tile & Stone Care uses and recommends Aqua Mix tile and stone sealing, care and cleaning products.

We are also happy to use other speciality tile and stone sealing, care and cleaning products where specified or more appropriate for the job.

For most stone installations, penetrating (or impregnating) stone sealing products are most appropriate. These offer maximum stain protection without changing the appearance or texture of the stone and are invisible.

Penetrating stone sealing products are also the best for porcelain and when a natural look is required with terracotta.

Some penetrating stone sealing products are made to enhance the colour of stone and porous tile. These are often used on tumbled marble borders and features, and on textured stone where some of the colour is lost in creating the texture. These stone sealing products give a wet look without a shine and enhance the natural colour of the stone. They can last up to 15 years and offer maximum stain resistance.

Expected wear of quality penetrating stone sealing products is 5 – 15 years depending on the sealer and the tile or stone

Coatings are available in low or high sheen finishes and are most commonly used internally on slate and terracotta.

Aqua Mix grout colourant is an excellent grout sealer as well as being a solid colour for rejuvenating old grout or just changing the colour for more pleasing aesthetics. This lasts up to 15 years and comes in 24 colours to suit just about any tile installation. This really brings ‘grungy grout’ back to life. Being an epoxy, it can be used inside or out, and makes keeping your grout looking good a breeze.