What Is Pressure Washing & Why Is It Important?

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Pressure Washing | Sydney Tile & Stone Care

Washing your house’s exterior is just as important as interior cleaning. But surface-level cleaning is not enough to achieve a pristine exterior. Thorough cleaning is the way to go, and this is where pressure washing comes in handy. What is pressure washing? And why is it important? Read on to find out.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing | Sydney Tile & Stone Care

As the name implies, pressure washing is a washing method that utilizes ultra-pressurized water to remove dirt, ugly marks, and stains from all kinds of exterior surfaces and structures: patios, walkways, and more. Why is it important?

Here is why this cleaning method is a great choice.

Restores Your Home’s Value and Appeal

It’s safe to assume that you have invested a lot of time and money in your house, right? So why not protect it? Regular pressure washing will boost your home’s curb appeal, making it more inviting and elegant. This will, in turn, enhance its bottom-line — even if you don’t plan to sell your home.

It’ll Save You Money

Regular pressure cleaning will not only help get your outdoor surfaces and structure clean but also improve their longevity and health. This will help avoid unexpected repair and maintenance costs, which can throw your budget off track. Save yourself thousands of dollars by hiring professional pressure cleaning services.

It Protects Your Exterior Paint

Your home’s exterior paint is the first thing on-lookers and visitors will notice, so it’s essential to make a great first impression. Regular pressure washing will help keep your exterior paint fresh and welcoming by getting rid of dirt, moisture, and other paint-damaging elements.
Are you planning on repainting the exterior of your home? Power washing is one of the most effective, affordable ways you can use to remove old paint. This washing method can also provide a strong foundation for your paint.

Keep Fungi at Bay

Your home’s exterior naturally accumulates moisture, and this can cause mould and mildew growth. If allowed to thrive, mould and mildew can feed on your home’s surfaces and damage them. Mould can also cause itchy, watery eyes and other costly, serious health issues. Home pressure washing prevents mould growth, keeping you and your family safe.

No Toxic Residue

Another advantage of pressure washing is that there’s no use of potentially harmful cleaning agents. It’s environmentally friendly.

Always Hire Professional Pressure Washing Services!

Pressure washing should be left to professionals. Here are two main reasons why you should hire a professional pressure washing service to wash your home:

  • Professional Experience: The downside of DIY pressure cleaning is that you may end up causing irreparable damage to your exterior surfaces and structures. Professional pressure washing services have the necessary experience, training, and skills to do the job right. They will take the right steps to ensure your outdoor surfaces are cleaned properly.
  • Quality Washing Equipment: Another reason to hire a professional to pressure wash your exterior is that they will use high-grade pressure washers, cleaning methods. The methods are designed to ensure thorough removal of all stains, dirt and grime. The detergents that professionals use to clean surfaces are also highly effective and safe.

Are You Interested in Power Cleaning Solutions?

If all of these benefits of pressure washing sound good to you, it’s time to take action. Contact Sydney Tile And Stone Care and book your pressure washing appointment now.

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