Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid | Sydney Tile and Stone Care

It always feels gratifying when your home’s walls and floor tiles are clean and inviting. Tiles often make the cleaning task effortless regardless of their location, whether in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. However, they are a bit expensive to install, and therefore, they need excellent care to enhance their longevity.

One of the ways to keep your tiles in good shape is by cleaning them correctly. Many homeowners find their tiles deteriorating due to poor cleaning habits. Below are some common tile cleaning mistakes you should avoid to ensure your walls and floors stay intact for an extended period:

Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid | Sydney Tile and Stone Care

Mopping Before Sweeping

Professional tile cleaners recommend sweeping your tile floor before you start mopping. This helps restrain grit from dampening your glazed tiles. When mopping, consider a microfiber duster because it picks hair, dust, and other debris easily. Also, its soft fibres protect the floor from unnecessary scratches that would otherwise tarnish the new look of your tiles.

Wet Mopping

The best way to clean tile surfaces is by using clean water and damp mopping. As you might have noticed, professional cleaning companies never use wet mopping to clean tile floors. When dirty water seeps through the tile flooring, trapped moisture might build up, leading to a porous surface and grout deterioration.

Coloured Tile Cleaners

Glazed tiles have porous surfaces that will readily absorb dye from your tile cleaning agents. Generally, it’s a terrible idea to use coloured tile cleaners to clean all kinds of tiles and grout. When the dye from the cleaning agents seeps into the tile flooring, it alters the original theme of your tiles, reducing their aesthetic value.

Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Most of the cleaning agents that many homeowners use comprise ammonia and other bleaching agents. They are preferred due to their effectiveness in removing stains. However, they don’t just remove stains; they gradually strip the tiles of their original colouring, making them less attractive. Moreover, these chemicals pose a health hazard since they are harsh on your lungs and hands.

Use of Abrasive Materials

Most ceramic tiles have an additional finish layer that seals their surfaces to prevent grime and dirt from penetrating the tiles’ pores. When you use abrasive tools like steel wool and other metallic objects to clean your tile flooring, you tear and scratch the finish, increasing the tiles’ porosity. This way, your tiles will absorb dirt and dust more quickly, leading to deterioration.

Wax and Oil-based Cleaners

Many people use wax-based tile cleaners to protect tiles from odours and stains. However, poorly done waxing can lead to permanent stains and grime build-up, which are harmful to your tiles. On the other hand, oil-based cleaning products pose a health hazard when used on tile flooring since they can cause slips and falls.

Need Professional Tile Cleaning Services in Sydney? We Can Help

If you are a homeowner or have business premises like a luxury hotel with tile flooring, you need to find professional tile cleaners to maintain the glossy finish on your tiles. Fortunately, at Sydney Tile And Stone Care, we can help you with Tile Cleaning Sydney services.

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