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Paving with sandstone gives your home and open spaces a clean and opulent look all around. However, over the years, the paving tends to discolour due to various reasons such as water, pollution, surrounding plants, the weather and so on. Cleaning your paving slabs is a necessity and for that, it’s best to hire professional sandstone pavers and cleaning services in Sydney.

Common Causes of Stains on Sandstone Pavers

As your quality sandstone pavers cleaning service in Sydney will tell you, the most common culprits staining your sandstone paving strips are algae, moss, lichen, and dirt. Knowing what has caused the discoloration helps you in selecting the right approach and materials to use.

Algae are commonly found in the environment and are one of the prime agents causing sandstone discoloration. The spores are highly resilient and cling on to the sandstone surfaces during the dry season. When your paving is wet, they germinate rapidly and proliferate into large clusters all across the surface of the stone.

Sydney Tile & Stone Care - Cleaning Sandstone Pavers SydneyThe growth of moss on the sandstone surface is another cause of worry. Spores of moss are carried by wind from nearby water bodies and embed themselves on strips of grout in between the sandstone slabs. They spread rapidly, leaving an ugly green border on the slabs.

Lichens are another common factor that causes ugly white, grey or black spots on the beautiful surface of your sandstone paving in Sydney. They are a product of a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae. These microorganisms are commonly by wind from the foliage surrounding your sandstone paving.

Dirt is of course everywhere and gets easily tramped onto the paving surface. Over the years, dirt gets firmly imprinted over the sandstone surface and can be difficult to remove if not addressed at regular intervals.

Sandstone Cleaning Sydney

While cleaning sandstone pavers, your prime concern should be selecting the right materials. The wrong cleaner can do more damage by permanently discolouring your sandstone and leaving the surface rough and dry. When unsure, it’s best to hire the services of expert Australian sandstone cleaning service as they know the best way to clean sandstone.

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