Sandstone Cleaning

Sandstone is a naturally occurring porous type of stone that comes in different colour, density, and porosity. Paving open spaces in your home or property with sandstone is an excellent way of beautifying your surroundings. However, being porous in nature, sandstone is prone to getting dirty fast and you should clean the paving at regular intervals so as to maintain the natural colour and sheen of sandstone. Sandstone cleaning is a delicate process and should always be done by professionals.

Sydney Tile & Stone Cleaning Sandstone CleaningCleaning Sandstone the Right Way

Irrespective of the process used, sandstone cleaning should always be done keeping certain factors in mind. The first would be the nature of the stone to be cleaned i.e whether it is dense and strong or extremely porous and fragile. The colour of the stone and its various natural compounds should also be considered.

Second consideration should be the type of soiling agent to be removed. Sandstone cleaning procedure depends on whether you want to remove natural staining agents such as moss and algae or man-made deposits such as paint, cement, carbon marks and so on.

Thirdly you should check about heritage requirements i.e. if you want to clean sandstone in a heritage building, you may have to apply for special permission from the local council.

Remember never to use harsh chemicals as a cleaning agent as that would damage the natural beauty of sandstone and also cause harm to the environment.

Hiring Professionals to do the Job

The prime objective of cleaning sandstone should be the removal of the staining from the surface with as little damage as possible to the stone’s natural composition. When done correctly, sandstone cleaning greatly improves the natural appearance of the stone, increases its durability and also allows the stone to breathe naturally. It is a complex process requiring precise knowledge and you should always hire a professional cleaning service to do the job.

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