About Us

Sydney Tile & Stone Care has over 15 years in the tile and stone sealing, cleaning and care industry and has over 12 years experience in the use and application of leading Aqua Mix sealers, cleaners and specialty products.
We have successfully completed the Aqua Mix tile and stone care training program at the Aqua Mix Los Angeles facility and primarily uses Aqua Mix sealers and cleaners as products of choice.
We are well respected in the tile and stone care, cleaning, and sealing industry because we arrive on time for prompt and efficient service.

Sydney Tile & Stone Care is fully insured.

With our professionalism we provide:

cleaning and sealing new and old installations of all natural stone, including but not limited to travertine, limestone, marble, granite and sandstone cleaning and sealing terracotta and slate

cleaning and sealing polished porcelain
cleaning and sealing pavers
cleaning and sealing concrete

pressure cleaning
cleaning and sealing terracotta and slate
cleaning new and old ceramic tiles

cleaning and sealing grout joints
recolouring grout joints
stain removal

repolishing marble, limestone and travertine
grout smear removal

Before Sealing

After Sealing

Before Grout

After Grout

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